1. I saw Colossal Rex again last night. it was the first time since their EP.. album.. thing dropped. they were very good. they’ve gotten a lot tighter since the first time I saw them. they played a new song too and it was fantastic, super stoked on whatever new material they’re working on.
    I bought the LP since i’ve been planning to ever since it came out, it just took me a while to get around to it since I wanted to do it in person. no point in paying for shipping when they’re from Long Beach. it’s a one sided record on clear vinyl with artwork screenprinted on the b-side. looks cool but i’ve seen this trick done so many times recently that it’s lost its luster. the jacket is one of those thicker picture disc ones and I usually hate them, but Mountain Man saved it by the real cool sticker writeup on the top right. I don’t know who does art direction for this band but man, everything is just clean as hell and the typography is on point. the download code glued on the inside behind the sticker is a clever touch.
    and I bought a copy of the cassette too, but mostly because Like Young Records put it out. their tapes releases are slick as hell. this one’s a clear tape with shiny blue foil and when you tilt it a little, the white text print bounces off the foil and gives it a silhouette effect. real tight.

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